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    November 15, 2012 at 9:09 am

    Okay that was like a solid week of actually doing work. Should buy us at least another couple of months at our job

    Business Cards of Star Wars Characters (Linkiest)

    Crazy Pic Photoshops (College Poison)

    Morning Wood Explained (Super Booyah)

    Confidence for Beginners (Caveman Circus)

    Unintentionally Phallic Turkey Cakes (Heavy)

    The 100 Saddest Movie Scenes (Clip Nation)

    The 36 Best Things in the World (Ned Hardy)

    Happy Faced Sandwiches (Cityrag)

    Cute Kittens Caught in the Act (Izismile)

    Gritty Street Interviews (Turd Ferguson)

    Supermodels Make Hot Moms (Moe Jackson)

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