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    November 7, 2012 at 5:32 am

    When do we get to vote on what weather we want?

    U.S. No Longer in Top Ten Wealthiest Countries (Heavy)

    15 James Bond Fashion Disasters (Linkiest)

    Dog Selling Chickens (Clip Nation)

    The World’s Narrowest House (Ned Hardy)

    60 Beer Bong Babes (Super Booyah)

    Laura Linney Likes to Steal Things (Cityrag)

    Fails and Wins Pics (Izismile)

    25 Ridiculously Stupid Pictures (Caveman Circus)

    Crazy Robotic Hand (Turd Ferguson)

    Boeing 727 House (College Poison)

    Obama Wins Some Election (Moe Jackson)

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