25 Pictures of REAL Election Riots To Calm Everyone Down

    November 7, 2012 at 4:30 am

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    A storm of Twitter protesters have threatened to riot if their candidate doesn’t take the U.S. presidential election. To this we say, “you don’t really understand what a riot is. It’s not a coordinated temper tantrum.”Our general rule of thumb for whether a riot is worthwhile is to ask the question, “whose stuff is getting smashed by the rioters?” If the answer is “government property and possibly even the rioter’s own homes” then, yeah, it’s a worthwhile riot. If the answer is “some bus outside the stadium” then no, you’re not rioting, you’re just being a huge dick. Here are 25 pictures to remind us that even casting a losing vote in an election is a privilege many have died for:

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