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    November 2, 2012 at 5:00 am

    It’s Friday, and if you’re like us you’re been waiting to throw up all week

    Man Fathers Kid at 96 (Clip Nation)

    Awesome Pics of Nature (Ned Hardy)

    A Laughing Camel (Super Booyah)

    Selena Gomez Magazine Covers (Cityrag)

    20 Inspiring Images from Hurricane Sandy (Linkiest)

    Disney’s Take on `Star Wars’ (Izismile)

    Charlie Sheen Pays for Vagina Surgery (Heavy)

    A Hefty Dose of LOLs (Caveman Circus)

    The Most Annoying Android User on the Planet (College Poison)

    Katy Perry Dresses as Jane Lane (Moe Jackson)

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