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    November 1, 2012 at 6:44 am

    Enjoy the short break from being stuffed with Halloween content, because Thanksgiving content is coming soon

    The Best Kids Costumes of Halloween 2012 (Ned Hardy)

    40 Fantastic Sports Photos (Super Booyah)

    Misheard Song Lyrics (Clip Nation)

    For Honey Boo Boo, Every Day Is Halloween (Cityrag)

    25 Urban Legends Still Being Told (Linkiest)

    Fail & Win Picdump (Izismile)

    Hurricane Sandy Unearths Coffins (Heavy)

    Geeks Assemble (Caveman Circus)

    16 WTF Body Art Pics (College Poison)

    Selena Gomez Grows up (Moe Jackson)

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