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    October 22, 2012 at 6:43 am

    We apologize for the recent lack of cat content. Our editor has been fired and replaced with someone who owns dozens of cats

    Cat LOLs (Ned Hardy)

    Dogs Chase Scared Cyclist (Super Booyah)

    The 15 Funniest Names of Actual Gynecologists (Linkiest)

    Hurricanes Since 1951 (Infographic) (TurdFerguson)

    Super-Easy Halloween Cocktails (Cityrag)

    Perspective Shots of Extreme Sports (Izismile)

    Iron Man 3 Sneak Preview (Heavy)

    25 Foreign Words the English Language Needs (Caveman Circus)

    Science Explains Correct BM’s (College Poison)

    Justin Timberlake Marries Jessica Biel (Moe Jackson)

    Elevator Floor Prank (Clip Nation)

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