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    October 16, 2012 at 6:56 am

    Now featuring 40% more non-cat-related material!

    20 Photos of Cats in Soda Boxes (Cityrag)

    Fail & Win Picdumps (Izismile)

    The 20 Creepiest Clowns (Heavy)

    Amazing Displays of Books (Ned Hardy)

    Why Snoop Dogg Will Vote for Obama (TurdFerguson)

    How Not To Feed a Crocodile (Super Booyah)

    Inside NYC’s Most Controversial House (Linkiest)

    20 Great Moments in Forever Alone (Caveman Circus)

    10 Really Cool Beverage Gadgets (College Poison)

    Kardashian Loves Slurpees (Moe Jackson)

    “The Simpsons” Intro with Family Guy Characters (Clip Nation)

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