The Best Stuff on the Internet, Today

    October 10, 2012 at 6:48 am

    Unless you know that one site where you can buy heroin

    20 GIFs of Animals Being Dicks (Heavy)

    Awesome Art Painted on the iPhone (Ned Hardy)

    Extreme Hoarding (Izismile)

    Lindsay Lohan’s Porn Star Movie (TurdFerguson)

    Hilarious Forever Alone Pictures (Super Booyah)

    20 Baby Goat Pictures (Cityrag)

    10 Incredible Rock Pillar Landscapes (Linkiest)

    90s Nostalgia (Caveman Circus)

    WTF Pics of the Week (College Poison)

    Celeb Feeding Parking Meter of the Year (Moe Jackson)

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