The Best Stuff on the Internet, Today

    October 9, 2012 at 8:19 am

    This is easily the best stuff on the Internet, unless you’re one of the few people who likes dirty pictures

    Beautiful Pics of Nature (Ned Hardy)

    Funny Pics (Izismile)

    Ichiron Is a Ninja (TurdFerguson)

    Back Flips in a Pool (Super Booyah)

    Epic Dogshaming (Cityrag)

    Nun Caught Stealing Four Loko (Heavy)

    100-Million-Year-Old Spider Eating a Wasp (Linkiest)

    A Heavy Metal Dose of GIFs (Caveman Circus)

    Skydiving at 96,000 Feet (College Poison)

    `The Impossible’ Movie Premiere (Moe Jackson)

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