15 Real Tweets from Famous People about Replacement NFL Refs

    September 25, 2012 at 12:19 pm

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    The last two NFL games causing a fitstorm of backlash against replacement refs. Many people are clamoring for the real refs to return from their strike, while paranoid conspiracy theorists like us wonder if every replacement ref is a member of the mafia.Many famous people, football stars and otherwise, have taken to Twitter to voice their complaints:

    lebron tweet

    mark cuban tweetBrit Hume Tweet

    Lil Wayne TweetRob Huebel Tweet


    Rob Lowe Tweet

    Dan McLaughlin Tweet

    Brandon Spikes Tweet

    Rich Gannon Tweet

    Mike PereiraRob Fee Tweet

    Brandon McCarthy Tweet

    Dirk Novitzki Tweet

    Gov Scott Walker Tweet

    Greg Jennings Tweet

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