5 Classic Video Game Plots That Are Still around Today (Despite Being Totally Sexist)

    September 14, 2012 at 7:40 am

    The #1 most sexist video game plot that just won’t die has “man” written all over it

    #1 Mega Man

    mega man and light

    There are those who like to tinker. Then there are those who like to take Isaac Asimov’s Laws of Robotics and wipe there ass with it. Falling firmly in the latter category¬†is Dr. Light, the robot-making patriarch of the Mega Man series. Apparently something happened to Dr. Light to mess hi up good so that he can only make male robots.

    The exclusive use of masculine robots worked fine for the first few games “Ice Man,” “Cut Man,” and the mis-named “Fire Man,” who does not actually put out fires. However, as the years wore on and mega man started cranking out stale sequels, Dr. Light’s steadfast refusal to make any female robots became evident in his totally uncreative man-bots:

    centaur man
    Centaur Man? That’s like calling him “Man Horse Man”


    yamato man
    Yamato Man? You couldn’t just have, like, Cyclops Girl or something?

    Light made dozens of male robots before he finally got around to Splash Woman (Mega Man 9). The list of robot names lets us kinow that he was kinda losing his marbles towards the end: Jewel Man, Galaxy Man, Hard Man, Junk Man, Search Man. What he really needs is Medication Reminder Man.

    Actually, Dr. Light did make one recurring female character in the series:

    roll mega man

    Roll, the robotic maid. I hope Dr. Wily pounds you in your swollen, aging prostate, Dr. Light.

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