5 Classic Video Game Plots That Are Still around Today (Despite Being Totally Sexist)

    September 12, 2012 at 7:47 am

    Today, we look at what would happen if Ellen Ripley were turned into Barbarella

    #3 Metroid: Other M

    The plot we want to call out specifically is, “women are portrayed as subservient underlings, every time they open their collective mouths.” Since 1986, this stereotype has been pleasantly subverted by Samus Aran. Besides being a complete rip off of Ellen Ripley from the Alien series, Samus Aran proved that you don’t have to get kidnapped to be a female in a video game plot. Title after title, Ellen Ripley calmly blasted metroids and saved the galaxy, all with the strong, silent demeanor of a hero. Then, other M happened:

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    To summarize some of the horribleness in Other M: Samus is subservient to her boss/possible crush, to the point of withholding her powers until he gives the okay. Not to mention her encounter with baddie Ridley rocks her world back to the fragile emotional state of a child, despite the fact that at this point in the game’s timeline, she’s defeated Ridley no less than five freaking times! The game’s writers couldn’t even make Samus strong and unafraid rather than break canon times five.

    This really angry G4 review provides some great clips of the problems;

    In fact, Samus Aran spends most of the cut-scenes being whiny. Why didn’t they just make a different game called “Buffy the Metroid Slayer,” and not screw around with possibly the best female character in video game history? Lara Croft isn’t doing anything: Put her in space. We all know how that would go: Back to Barbarella again.

    Tomorrow: We put on our lab coats and examine the physics of bouncing breasts.

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