The Best Things on the Internet, Today

    August 23, 2012 at 8:21 am

    bathroom header


    When you stare into the soul of the Internet, these links stare back at you:

    The Trippiest Bathroom on Earth (Pinterest)

    How To Make the Prison Scene Feast in “Goodfellas” (Caveman Circus)

    Colts Cheerleaders Shoot Bikini Photos in Disgusting Cesspool (Linkiest)

    25 Pictures of Beach Babes Doing the Photo Jump (Super Booyah)

    10 Notorious Internet Hoaxes (Guyism)

    6 Worst People in Your Fantasy Football League (TurdFerguson)

    Public Shaming of Animals (Ned Hardy)

    The 20 Worst Mugshots (Heavy)

    Proof that Not All Canadians Live in Igloos (College Poison)

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