The Best Things on the Internet, Today

    August 15, 2012 at 6:57 am

    After reading these, you can totally quit the Internet

    15 Losers Who Got Lucky with the Ladies (Super Booyah)

    7 Hard Drinking Writers Every Man Needs to Read (Guyism)

    The 9 Most Famous Prostitutes in History (Linkiest)

    Red Band Clip from Freelancers (TurdFerguson)

    Helping You Answer That Age Old Question on What to Have for Lunch (Caveman Circus)

    MMA Fighter Goes Full-on Bath Salts; Arrested, Naked, in Church (CagePotato)

    15 Astonishing Facts(Ned Hardy)

    Can Somebody Tell This Chick Nobody Likes Her? (Pinterest)

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