The 8 Best Things on the Internet Today

    August 14, 2012 at 9:34 am

    tip jar

    You can’t win the Internet, today, if you don’t read these

    10 of the Funniest Tip Jars of All Time (Super Booyah)

    Julia Child Gets the Mr. Rogers/Bob Ross Autotune Treatment (Guyism)

    Archaeologists Heave Collective Sigh over “Paleo Diet” (Linkiest)

    Sports Center Insults Babe Ruth by Comparing Him to Tim Tebow (TurdFerguson)

    How To Be a Charming Storyteller (Caveman Circus)

    UFC 150 Aftermath (CagePotato)

    A Few Pictures to Retain Your Faith in Humanity(Ned Hardy)

    Best Ever Crab Cakes (Pinterest)

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