20 Photos of Newlywed Brides Jumping in Water

    July 20, 2012 at 6:30 am

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    Summertime weddings are always romantic, but they often require standing in blazing heat while wearing heavy clothing. One way to cool down after a day of scorching wedding bliss is to jump in some water. To get in the mood for the final stretch of marriage season, we found 20 spectacular photos of brides literally taking the plunge:

    Not sure if this picture was intentional, or if the bride was blinded by her eyeshadow and walked off a cliff
    It’s not really a spontaneous moment if you have to charter a boat
    Hopefully this will fix the groom’s problem with his pants riding up
    Is he vogueing?


    Not sure how unbuttoning his shirt is giong to help
    Why won’t he wear his suit? Has he got important plans, later?
    Looks like they had to jump off the deck before it collapsed
    This bride doesn’t seem nearly as enthused as the random bystanders
    Don’t wear an extra-absorbent wedding dress, or you might drown
    A common wedding tradition is for the bride and groom to be eaten by sharks
    Newlywed, or crazy, single woman who rented a wedding dress?
    bride in water 1
    How deep can that water be? We’re scared to seek out follow-up shots
    Not only did she tie the knot, she then put it between her legs
    Is the sight of all these wet girls what caused the groom to remove his ring?


    Something tells us cameras shouldn’t have been allowed at this one
    No one else seems interested. Maybe the bride just jumped the fence to someone’s pool
    Is this why all the bridesmaids had to wear white?


    He doesn’t seem to be enjoying having the waves topple his bride on him like a wooden log
    That dog is wagging its tail because it just peed in the pool
    He isn’t dressed like a groom. Perhaps he just pulled the bride into the pool






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