The Funniest Episode of Every Sitcom Is the Episode Where They Get Stoned

    June 29, 2012 at 6:00 am

    It’s interesting that the notion weed makes everything funnier also applies to sitcom plotlines.

    We’ve been obsessively ranking our favorite sitcom episodes, and we realized that the best ones are the “very special” episodes where everybody gets baked. Curious, we came up with a few hypotheses as to why this is. Feel free to make your own theories, here are ours regarding why the funniest episode of every sitcom is the one where they get stoned:

    It might be because we get to see always-square characters out of their element. Straight men rarely get to spit jokes like sunflower seeds, and we suspect the actors themselves relish the chance to show a new side of their character. This would explain the epic performance of John Mahoney in…



    “High Holidays”

    Frasier was a 90s sitcom about a pompous jerkwad forced to live with his alcoholic, cop father (or at least, that’s how we saw it.) The show’s huge populariy was beginning to dwindle in 2003, when the writing room decided to make one last masterpiece.

    Believe us, the writing is the key. Straightedged Niles Crane decides he needs to rebel for once in his life, and purchases a pot brownie. His former policeman dad, played by the witty John Mahoney, eats the brownie without knowing its true contents. Dad then replaces the brownie with a normal one, which Niles eats. Cue two segments worth of Niles thinking he’s high (when he’s not) and Niles’ dad being high off his ass without knowing it:


    Big Bang Theory

    “The Adhesive Duck Deficiency”

    Three of the Calech nerds go camping, attempt to hit on 50-year-old potheads, then unwittingly eat some laced cookies. They then attempt to move the Earth with their minds:

    This isn’t even the funniest plot of the episode, in which uber-nerd Sheldon has to dress his naked and injured hot female neighbor. The two combine to form an amazing product like peanut butter and anything else when you’re on weed.


    Barney Miller


    Barney Miller was a 1970s sitcom set in a police station. We enjoyed watching reruns of this show on cable, and we are disappointed there was spin-off series involving wacky, sexy antics in a women’s prison. But there was an episode where almost every cop at the station gets baked off pot brownies:


    That 70s Show

    “Garage Sale”

    Every episode of That 70s Show involves the main characters getting high, but only one sees the angry uptight Red Forman eat a bunch of weed brownies with his wife, Kitty. He then proceeds to sell his son’s car and utterly forget to whom he sold it.

    Not a bad “drug noob” performance from the guy who ran a cocaine empire in Robocop.

    In all of these episodes, uptight people who would never get high on their own supply are acting nuts for our amusement. Is that the unifying element that makes all “weed-themed”? Probably not, because there are also “best episodes” involving the goofy characters getting high, like these:


    How I Met Your Mother

    “Tick, Tick, Tick”

    How I Met Your Mother features 5 hip New Yorkers who have mysteriously been able to rent apartments larger than a closet. In an episode from a recent season, college roommate goofballs Marshall and Ted fire up a doob at a concert, with insane results (note: On this show, “sandwiches” are slang for weed. Also, the clip we are showing is of someone filming a television showing the episode. You could complain about the quality, or you could just eat a sandwich and think about how meta this is).


    “A Stash from the Past”

    Roseanne was one of the first “blue collar” sitcoms which hit the airwaves in the late 1980s, showing a family which is less than perfect, but stays together. The main characters are the Dad (Dan) and Mom (Roseanne), played by John Goodman and a screeching sea manatee named Roseanne Barr. Taking a friend of the family into their home, Roseanne and Dan are shocked when they discover a box of reefer in his room. However, hilarity ensues as Roseanne and Dan realize it’s their old stash from years ago, and toke up:

    Harvey Birdman

    “Shaggy Busted”

    It’s well known that the passengers of the Mystery Machine on Scooby Doo were lighting up more turf in the 1970s than Eric Dickerson. The diminished stoner sexual drive is the only explanation for why Fred didn’t hook up with Daphne and why Shaggy never got laid despite his name being “Shaggy.” Rather than show all of the stoney clips from the show, we refer you to this, the best episode of Harvey Birdman. To bust the gang in court, a montage of their smokiest instances are presented to the courtroom:


    Facts of Life


    The Facts of Life was a beloved sitcom about four maturing girls in a boarding home… starting with season two. Season one featured, like, a dozen girls in a whole bunch of plots that nobody cared about unless it was Helen Hunt getting tore up:

    Although no one’s actually high, we’d be incomplete if we failed to point out the classic “three bongs scene:”

    In conclusion, we would surmise that the unique humor of these “weed-themed” episodes comes from the notion that it’s simply a vaudevillain -esque clown routine involving characters already known and loved for something else. The humor is special in its unusual delivery, which makes the episode stand out as exceptional. After all, if they aired weed episodes all he time it wouldn’t be unique, and the main characters would have to hilariously vomit their guts out off while trying to quit heroin to make the episode stand out among the rest in the series.

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