25 Cool Custom Steering Wheels

    June 28, 2012 at 6:30 am

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    For many Americans, it’s time for summer family road trips. For many, this means spending long hours staring at a (hopefully cool and custom) steering wheel, wondering when the beautiful day will come when their annoying children will get sent to juvenile hall or get sent to prison or graduate and move out, whatever. To illustrate how exciting driving can be when one’s steering wheel poses the ever-present threat of poking one’s hand, we found 25 cool custom steering wheels:

    [Image: f1-mclaren-mercedes-steering-wheel.jpg]

    [Image: ferrari-f2008-steering-wheel1.jpg]

    [Image: Fiberglass_Stearing_Wheel.jpg]

    [Image: 0603tr_16_z+2003_hummer_h2_and_sandrail+..._wheel.jpg]

    [Image: 310_260.jpg]




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