3D Laser Scans of 20 Famous Monuments

    June 8, 2012 at 6:30 am

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    A 3D laser scan uses the power of something called “science” to create a scan of an object which can later be used to recreate the object in 3D. This can be used either for modeling or determining the exact size of a place or thing. We found 3D laser scans of 20 famous buildings that, while we have no idea how to use them to build a scale model, look really cool:

    Mount Rushmore


    Chicen Itza-El Castillo
    Combermere Abbey
    Ancient Merv Icehouse


    Cathedral of Beauvais
    Temple of the Warriors


    Royal Tombs at Kasubi


    Easter Island Heads





    Cathedral of Sao Francisco


    pisa scan
    Leaning tower of Pisa


    darwin statue

    Charles Darwin Statue



    Bayu Unda Platform


    King’s House Manchester




    Fortis Bank


    Mission of San Francisco


    Point Cloud


    Etruscan Tomb


    the Charles W Morgan
    The Charles W Morgan






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