25 Pictures of the Human Body Under an Electron Microscope

    May 25, 2012 at 5:30 am

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    We love the change in perception that happens when ordinary objects are stared at under an electron microscope. Our gaze then turned inwards towards the human body, where we found images that were both fascinating and frightening. We took the best 25 pictures of the human body under an electron microscope to show that the one quality that unites everyone on this planet is that we all look really freaky under an electron microscope.

    Amazing Scanning Electron Microscope Pictures
    Amazing Scanning Electron Microscope Pictures
    Bacteria on a human tongue


    electron microscope image
    electron microscope image


    electron microscope image
    Brain Cells
    electron microscope image
    Nerve Ending


    Amazing Scanning Electron Microscope Pictures
    Villi of small intestine
    Small Intestine
    Tooth plaque
    Tooth Plaque
    Tongue with taste bud
    Taste Bud


    Blood vessels emerging from the optic nerve
    Optic Disk from Eye (the Blind Spot)


    Hair cell in the ear
    Ear Stereocilia
    Purkinje neurons
    Brain Neurons
    Red blood cells
    Red blood cells
    Blood Clot Forming Over Wound
    Blood Clotting over Wound


    Breast Cancer Cell
    Blood Cells




    Sweat on an Index Finger


    Human Bone Marrow Stem Cells
    Blood Platelet


    Fingerprint Ridge
    Heart Ventricle
    1. Gogole says:

      Really great shots, some I think would find some gross but I liked it.

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