20 Breastfeeding Photos that Make Us Fear Attachment Parenting

    May 15, 2012 at 6:00 am

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    Attachment parenting is a huge modern parenting fad typically characterized by breastfeeding well into toddlerhood, keeping the child close to its mother at all times with a sling or by sharing a bed, and pretty much doing everything short of storing them in the original womb. We don’t really have a problem with breastfeeding older children, it’s the lack of reservedness some moms show. There might be 99 quiet, reserved attachment parents raising normal children for every 1 freak for all we know, because all we see is the lady in the supermarket breast-feeding a pre-teen. Breastfeeding walking, talking toddlers in public may be great for mom and child but it also creeps people out just a bit; and a mother who raises their child without concern of creeping people out raises a child who acts creepy. To illustrate our point, we found 20 pics of breastfeeding that make this controversial method look less like “parents concerned for their child’s upbringing” and more like “parents desperately craving attention enough to risk seriously screwing up their kids”:

    sling and feeding


    Photo that should have been deleted


    Breastfeeding two at a time


    attachment parenting double breastfeeding


    breastfeeding 8 year old


    Breastfeeding toddler


    Country boy


    Red outfits


    Facebook feeding


    Hipster mom


    Jerry Hall


    Oddly staged shot


    Pierce Brosnan


    Public toddle


    Sunglasses Kid


    tandem nursing

    Triplets breastfeeding

    attachment parenting more time


    Breastfeeding older girl



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