20 Cool Photos of Space Shuttles Being Transported by Air

    May 14, 2012 at 5:30 am

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    Recently, one of the final chapters in the U.S. space shuttle program concluded, as Discovery was flown to the Smithsonian. Whenever a U.S. space shuttle needs to be moved somewhere (besides space), a specially-modified Boeing 747 is used. To commemorate the retirement of Space Shuttle Discovery, we found 20 cool photos of space shuttles being towed by jet planes:


    Discovery at dawn


    Discovery 2012




    Space shuttle carrier


    Shuttle over flag




    Enterprise again


    Enterprise over city


    Discovery old


    Shuttle Carrier Aircraft


    Enterprise over green

    Columbia arial



    Discovery at night





    Atlantis 1998


    Columbia 1990


    Atlantis 1991


    Enterprise 1978

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