The 20 Most Diabolical Laboratories on Earth

    May 10, 2012 at 5:30 am

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    Research is the bridge which connects the worlds of reality and science fiction. All over the world, nerdy scientists are hard-at-work in their laboratories or medeivil castles, trying to break new bounds in human understanding. We took a look at the most interesting laboratories and picked out twenty exceptional cases:

    Amundsen-Scott Sout Pole Research Station
    The Amundsen-Scott Sout Pole Research Station is deadly afraid of dogs that might be aliens


    slocum glider
    The Slocum Glider is an unmanned mobile station that collects data from the ocean, and is a safe toy for kids ages 3 and up


    The undersea lab Aquarius is constantly called upon by divers who have dropped their keys


    Argonne national laboratory
    Argonne National Laboratory was the first of its kind, and was founded to help the army make flubber


    Bentos 300
    Bentos 300 is an underwater lab. We assume it looks like a shipwreck to fool fish


    Bharati Research Station
    Bharati Research Station is India’s in-development Arctic facility. They are trying to make nutritious snow


    Mars analog
    This is the Mars Analog research station. We assume Martians put it there.


    Waterflux is being completed in the Swiss Alps as we speak. We don’t know what it eats


    Palmer Antarctic Station
    Palmer Antarctic Station is a good place to hide during the Mayan apocalypse


    Oak Ridge
    Oak Ridge testing facility is where they infuse mortals with insane country music power


    us army medical research institute of infectious diseases
    US Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases has the least popular work picnics


    Joint Defence Space Research Facility Pine Gap
    The Joint Defense Space Research Facility in Pine Gap does a lot of cross-research at Epcot Center


    Dugway Proving Grounds
    The Dugway Proving Grounds were created with fake towns so the U.S. could practice warfare when it wasn’t practicing it on another country


    Los Alamos
    Los Alamos National Lab is a national treasure, now that they’ve fixed that Frankenstein infestation


    Marie Curie
    Sometimes, hostile labs kill their scientists, as evidenced by the lab of Marie Curie


    Japanese Experiment Module-Exposed Facility (JEM-EF) on the International Space Station
    The Japanese Experiment Module-Exposed Facility (JEM-EF) on the International Space Station is like a bug-zapper for aliens


    Tesla didn’t have to wait for a bolt of lightning to hit him for inspiration. He had a machine for that


    Scientists at HAARP are hard at work trying to scientifically break down the secret of one-minute rice


    Princess Elizabeth Arctic Research Station
    Princess Elizabeth Arctic Research Station looks like an alien beetle is vomiting girders


    Underwater Lab
    Underwater labs are fine until some wiseguy leaves the door open



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