20 Fungi Photos That Prove There Is Beauty Everywhere

    May 10, 2012 at 6:30 am

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    Fungus. The word is known to evoke images of nasty stuff that we don’t want growing anywhere near or on us. However, not every fungi is some gross-colored, fuzzy patch of moldy ickiness. In fact, fungi can produce some of the most beautiful living organisms in nature. With this in mind, we found 20 fungi that surprised us with how appealing they looked:

    This fungus is called an Aardster by people who desperately want it to come first, alphabetically


    Veiled LAdy
    Known as a veiled lady, this is what most fungi look like after you eat a certain type of fungus


    Red cage fungus
    The red cage fungus is the missing link between organisms and soccer balls


    aseroe rubra
    Aseroe Rubra look like little, angry sunflowers


    Bearded Tooth Fungus
    The bearded tooth fungus desperately wants to be a shaggy dog


    Strange fungus
    This fungus looks like someone ran over a seven-tongued snake


    Weird fungus
    How come, when fungus forms on our bread, it never tastes like portobella mushrooms?


    colorful fungus
    Even in the fungi kingdom, some species just feel more fabulous


    Spider fungus
    This fungus gets annoyed when confused spiders try to mate with it


    Boob fungus
    We consider this fungus to be beautiful, although it ruined boobs for us


    Pink fungi
    How come there aren’t any bright pink animals? Oh, right: They’d get eaten


    Fungi yellow
    We’d never eat this fungus because we could never be sure if someone had peed on it


    Colorful fungi
    We had a neighbor who would put these in candy corn bags and give them to kids on Halloween


    Stringy fungus
    We imagine this fungus was once under the sea, but then wished to be a land fungus


    Purple fungus
    We imagine this patch of fungus would make a good hiding place for earthworms


    Poofy Fungus
    We wonder if this fungus can be used as a brush to clean other fungi


    Hydnellum Peckii
    Hydnellum Peckii practically screams, “hey, aren’t oozing wounds beautiful!”


    Cordyceps Tuberculata
    Cordyceps Tuberculata would make a good hairbrush for crazy woods hermits


    Earthstar fungus just wants to be a flower. Or an eye, we can’t tell


    Giant orange fungus
    This orange fungus can be overtly flashy, knowing it is too gross to be eaten
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