20 Pictures of Sperm under a High-Powered Microscope

    May 8, 2012 at 6:30 am

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    Turns out, I have slow swimmers. My wife thinks it’s due to stress but I suspect it’s due to the 16 years where I rode a bicycle with no seat. I figure if I studied up on sperm, or at least looked at pics of sperm under a high-powered microscope, I might gain the knowledge needed to create fast-moving men and thereby evolve. ┬áTo aid my studies, I found twenty pics of human sperm magnified:



    Sperm and Egg
    This is what the sperm and egg look like if you conceive at a rave


    This is what Han Solo’s sperm look like after being encased in carbonite


    Glowing Sperm
    These sperm are like fireflies and the egg is like a jar with holes in the top


    Genetically Altered Sperm
    These sperm are genetically altered, now there is less chance of having a bright red baby


    Black and White Sperm
    It’s a known fact that black-and-white sperm produce emo children


    Sperm like pins
    If you wear 3D glasses, it looks like these sperm are coming right at your face


    Blue Sperm
    Whoever this sperm belongs to, we’re guessing their family history has a Smurf in it


    Swimming Sperm
    “Follow the Leader” is not a game that sperm like to play


    Different pics of sperm
    If this is for fertilizing an egg, the sperm on the bottom left might have to go



    Single Sperm
    Healthy sperm resemble impressionist paintings


    Sperm and egg
    The sperm has to get inside the egg, but the egg doesn’t want to look like a slut so it acts coy


    Red Sperm
    We’re really hoping that the purple stuff isn’t seminal fluid


    Sperm fertilizing egg
    This sperm laughs haughtily as millions of its brethren die around it
    Pink Sperm
    It’s obvious that fabulousness begins in the womb


    Tiny Sperm
    Since she has like a million candidates, we have to say the egg is not good at picking the best sperm


    Sperm which are blue
    Finding an egg is hard when you only have half the requirements for a brain


    Glowing green sperm
    We’ll never look at a lava lamp the same way, again


    Sperm on an egg
    Sperm often embarrass themselves by mistakenly fertilizing a Nerf ball


    Long purple sperm
    We think this sperm might have eaten another sperm


    Blue Green Sperm
    Do pictures of sperm remind anyone else of Van Gogh’s “Irises?”


















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