20 Cripplingly Adorable Pictures of Animals with Fake Legs

    May 8, 2012 at 7:00 am

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    Thanks to modern science. animals with fake legs are coming up in the world. They used to say a pirate’s best friend is himself, but there were too many hook-related injuries. Now, they say a pirate’s best friend is a parrot. But, the two have so little in common. A pirate would be better suited to an animal with a fake leg, or an eyepatch, or an enormous booty for plundering. In hopes of creating a new mascot for pirates to take aboard, and perhaps increasing their cuteness quotient, we’ve found twenty pics of animals who got a second chance at walking thanks to prosthetic legs:

    Cat with no back legs
    This cat must have been only half-curious


    Alpaca with wheels for legs
    This alpaca is what the Romans once called a “mini-chariot”



    Bird with fake leg
    This bird has way more in common with a pirate than some parrot


    Calf with fake legs
    With these prosthetics, this calf won’t miss out on the excitement of standing around all day


    Dog with fake leg
    Like a toilet seat, this dog sometimes forgets to lower their leg after peeing


    Dolphin with fake tail
    A dolphin tail isn’t exactly a leg, but the world needs to be warned about cyborg dolphins


    Dog with fake legs
    If you gave them a can opener attachment, this dog would likely eat itself to death


    Donkey with fake leg
    Hopefully, this donkey’s fake leg has a known payload capacity


    Elephant with fake leg
    The best part about a fake leg is that this elephant can put it on backwards to confuse trackers


    Mini-Horse with fake leg
    Now, this mini-horse can do all of the things mini-horses do. Mainly stand around and look cute


    Lamb with fake leg
    It’s cute, but we would be tempted to put a little paper frill on the end


    Stork with fake leg
    Fine, so can we now get prosthetic wings, or what?


    Cat on Wheels
    Please, people, don’t make homemade prosthetics for your pets


    Puppy on wheels
    It must be hard for this dog to stop with no front brakes


    Dog with no legs
    This dog had all of its legs replaced. We’re waiting for a movie called “Robocop: K9 Unit”


    Turtle with wheels for legs
    If it can get its other three legs off the ground, this creature would set a speed record for turtles


    Llama with fake leg
    This Llama needs a pipe and monocle


    Goat with fake leg
    Goats shouldn’t mess with trolls under bridges, despite the legends


    Puppy with wheels for legs
    Sometimes. this dog will lift their back legs and pretend to be a shopping cart


    Kangaroo with fake leg
    Dingoes stopped stealing babies and started stealing fake legs so people can’t chase them
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