25 Amazing Shots of the Moon

    May 7, 2012 at 7:00 am

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    Last weekend saw a supermoon ascend into the Earthling skyline. If you were like us, you trembled in fear, then prepared for apocalypse by drinking heavily. Or, maybe you just marveled at the spectacular skyline created by the moon effect. In honor of her beauty and peculiar ability to change outfits, we have decided the moon is the most cosmopolitan of all astrological bodies. We found 25 amazing pictures of the moon in all her splendor:


    Purple Moon over City
    We assume this is what happens when a red moon collides with a blue one


    Reflected pale moon
    It was thoughtful of the moon to wear something that matched the environment


    Seattle Moon
    Ancient Canadians believed the moon was God’s Mood Ring


    Alpine moon
    Lack of gravity makes downhill moon skiing a time-consuming process


    Mississippi Moon
    This moon over Mississippi is trying to blend in with the sky to avoid detection


    Seaside moon
    This city attempts to intimidate the moon with a display of its own illumination prowess



    Red plane moon
    Here, the moon is obviously pondering how painting a plane blood red is supposed to be comforting


    White House Moon
    That helicopter is there to make sure the moon doesn’t get too close


    Swollen red moon
    The moon likes to keep covert watch on the Jefferson Memorial, too


    Moon rising over house
    The moon does great impressions, here she is doing “the sun”


    Fuzzy Moon
    It’s rare to catch a shot of the moon out on the town but not fully inflated


    Cactus moon
    Here, the moon has painted herself to match the desert motif


    Blue moon over city
    This is the moon trying to impersonate the Earth


    Tokyo Moon
    On the moon, they call Tokyo “the moon”


    Radar tower moon
    Though we’ve had it mic’ed for decades, the moon has chosen to remain silent


    Tuscon Moon
    This Tuscon Moon is about the most exciting thing ever to happen to Arizona


    Dark cloudy moon

    The moon often likes to obscure its more alluring parts with a sheer cloud cover


    Half moon
    Don’t let any old people into the pool: They’ll crack the moon cocoon open


    Ocean Moon
    How many ancient explorers attempted to swim to the moon?


    Painting the moon
    Every few centuries, the moon requires another coat of Day-Glo paint


    Large moon
    If we don’t keep the moon in place by constantly staring at it, the moon will eat us


    Rolling the moon
    We used to do this all the time, back when we were into hallucinogens


    Arctic Moon
    Sometimes, the moon takes false credit for melting the polar ice caps


    Blue Moon
    A full blue moon turns werewolves into aquatic werewolves



    Moon over Jesus Statue
    The moon complains that, even though it turns Jesus different colors, it’s never awarded credit for a miracle




















































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