20 Huge Storm Pictures that Make Us Thankful El Nina Is Over

    May 4, 2012 at 5:30 am

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    For the last two years, natural devastation has come forth from the Pacific Ocean, and it wasn’t Godzilla this time. The weather phenomenon known as El Nina has behaved like a horrible accountant, giving some places too much water and some not nearly enough. But, thankfully, this weather pattern caused by cooling in the Pacific Ocean is over, so we can finally take the boards off our windows and eagerly await the Mayan Apocalypse. To remind us how nice good weather can be, we found 20 eye-popping pictures of huge storms, which make us glad that we are no longer being terrorized by the ocean:

    Scary Storm
    Just once, we’d like to see storm pictures taken by someone flung high into the air


    El Nina
    Thank goodness for really dumb people and crazy scientists, or we’d never get storm pictures like this


    El Nina lightning
    If you have to get struck by lightning, pyrotechnics is the way to go


    El Nina ship
    Of all the days to forget the key to the inside of the boat…


    House split
    This is why we prefer prefab houses: They easily split into pieces


    Palm trees and waves
    What they need is a giant wall of palm trees


    Netherlands Storm
    This Netherlands storm reminds us to check the weather report before wandering out in the middle of nowhere



    Huge wave hits woman
    We admire the camera’s ability to resist both water and a hard impact



    Storm over city
    It’s a shame this happened on “National Car Washing Day”
    Huge waves over ship
    If this wasn’t a submarine ship before, it is now


    Weird clouds
    Locals refer to rain as “barf from the sky”


    Palm trees bending
    For pedestrians, hurricanes turn every street into a one-way street


    Crazy circle cloud
    If aliens were smart (which we assume they are), they would disguise their spaceships as weird clouds


    Ocean storm
    We’re pretty certain the Pacific Ocean hates humans, and waves are it pounding its fists against the land


    Statue of Liberty Storm
    Since copper conducts electricity, isn’t the Statue of Liberty one big lightning rod?


    Huge Storm
    This is why you don’t look for the end of the rainbow: Deadly hurricanes


    El Nina
    We wonder if crazed, angry birds ever try to fight storms


    Giant Storm
    If you plan on taking the wormhole to Oz, wear galoshes


    Fire and ice clouds
    Nature likes to trick us by disguising storms as erupting volcanoes


    Big Storm
    How many people sucked into funnel clouds are secretly being abducted by aliens? We’re guessing all of them


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