Top 5 Other Ways to Spend the $120 Million Someone Used To Buy “The Scream”

    May 3, 2012 at 6:30 am

    The Scream

    1. Reanimate Thomas Kincaid as a cyborg that does nothing but crank out paintings of warm, glowing cottages

    2. Buy and consume enough LSD to the point where your life is actually exactly like The Scream

    3. Hire a team of international supervillains to steal The Scream plus rob some of the nearby patrons to net you bonus profit

    4. Hire some guy to shave his head and wear all black. Every time you feel the need for art, he jumps into the foreground, wherever you are, and starts screaming uncontrollably

    5. Hire 12,000 crappy street artists to crank out 10,000 crappy portraits each. One of them has got to be the painting equivalent of Shakespeare


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