25 Celebrity Wardrobe Malfunctions

    May 2, 2012 at 5:30 am

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    Kanye West is the most recent victim of a celebrity wardrobe malfunction. But, ever since Janet Jackson popularized the term “wardrobe malfunction” for “check out my pasty,” it’s been fashionable for celebrities to have their clothes slip off in public. Since we often find it difficult to keep our wifebeater and sweatpants from slipping down every time we reach for a cold Schlitz Ice, we identify with these classy celebs. To show how common this phenomenon is, we found 25 snaps of celebs having wardrobe malfunctions:

    kanye west
    Kim Kardashian also made a fashion slip: Getting spotted with Kanye West on her arm
    Janet Jackson
    We were thankful Madonna didn’t pull a Janet Jackson nip slip during her creepy Superbowl Show
    Katy Perry
    Katy Perry has so many costume changes, she sometimes forgets how dresses operate


    Amy Winehouse
    Like their wearer, Amy Winehouse’s clothes would sometimes unravel



    Lily Allen
    Lilly Allen shows off her new campaign “buttons for homeless, sexy people”
    Rachel Ray
    With outfits like this, Rachel Ray must burn her chest a lot while cooking


    Tara Reid
    The failed goal was to show off the boob job, but not the boob job scar
    J Lo
    At the Oscars, Jennifer Lopez tried desperately to avert attention away from her forehead
    Gabrielle Union
    Gabrielle Union shows why actresses need wall-to-wall mirrors
    Katherine Heigl
    Katherine Heigl can liven up any boring show
    Kiera Knightley
    Kiera Knightley shows why wearing a skirt as a dress might not be a good idea


    Anna Nicole Smith
    Anna Nicole Smith hadn’t had much practice wearing clothes
    Emma Watson
    Emma Watson’s outfit would never fly on a broomstick


    Serena Williams
    Serena Williams figures out why taping yourself into a swimsuit doesn’t work, here
    Venus Williams
    This is why Venus Williams doesn’t don formal wear for competitive tennis play
    Fergie’s so fly, she has no fly
    Jessica Simpson
    Jessica Simpson pops up to remind us she is no longer relevant
    Britney Spears
    Even Britney Spears wants a picture of her own wardrobe malfunction


    Eva Mendes
    Eva Mendes’ outfit should only be seen from the front, so we guess she was supposed to back into a corner


    Zac Efron
    Zac Effron somehow manages to make skinny jeans look baggy


    Lauren Conrad
    Lauren Conrad continues to show why she doesn’t belong on television


    Sienna Miller
    Sienna Miller uses undergarments like a safety net against nip slips. Which is exactly what they are for
    Jessica Alba
    ;Jessica Alba attempts to start a celebrity fake nip slip trend


    Alicia Keys
    Alicia Keys has trouble going through the motions of a piano ballad while keeping her shirt


    Lindsay Lohan
    Lindsay Lohan shows off her technique for distracting police officers in pursuit
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