20 Mugshots of Beauty Queens

    May 1, 2012 at 5:30 am

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    Recently, a beauty queen who won Miss New Hampshire U.S.A. was arrested for fighting with her boyfriend. Oddly enough, her mug shot looks decent, which is weird because mug shot photos are the only way to make someone look worse than they do on their driver’s license. Wondering if every beauty queen takes a great photo, every time, we sent our EgoTV crack research team in to investigate:

    Nicole Houde
    Miss New Hampshire Nicole Houde is used to a different kind of lineup
    lindsay evans
    A Miss Teen U.S.A. contestant and Playboy model, Lindsay Evans can’t help but smile for every photo


    Kumari Fulbright
    Kumari Fulbright shouldn’t have drank that potion she got from Dr. Jekyll
    Megan Burgess
    Another Miss Teen U.S.A. contestant underscores Donald Trump’s scrupulous morals
    Lorena Tavera
    Miss El Paso U.S.A. Lorena Tavera looks like the police booking department had a makeup artist
    Laura Zuniga
    Hispanic American Queen Laura Zuniga chose a more colorful mug shot backdrop
    Tia Shorts
    Miss Maryland Tia Shorts probably demanded that her cell be well lit
    Elizabeth Craig
    Elizabeth Craig snapped under the no-doubt puritan pressure of being Miss Utah


    Krystyna Skarbek
    Krystyna Skarbek was a beauty queen-turned WW2 operative, back when beauty queens got busted for honorable stuff
    Raelene Aguilar
    Miss New Mexico Raelene Aguilar was arrested for being dangerously photogenic
    Sharron Redmond
    Miss Savannah Sharon Redmond will have to do exceptionally well in the talent portion, or else be eliminated from our mug shot beauty pageant


    Tawny Kitaen
    Tawny Kitaen was once a beauty queen. She was also once relevant


    Kenya Bell
    Miss Michigan Kenya Bell uses her state’s frigid temperatures to keep her good looks frozen in place
    Katie Rees Miss Nevada
    Miss Nevada Katie Rees’ attractive mugshot shows a genuine quality her state is known for
    Casey Anthony
    Days after being arrested for murdering her child, Casey Anthony competed in a Hot Body pageant. We hope she didn’t choose to wear a blue jumpsuit


    aunika bennetti
    The highlight of Aunika Bennetti’s life seems to have been her winning Miss Douglas County, sadly
    Jamie Jungers
    Jamie Jungers won a Howard Stern beauty pageant, which usually leads to moral salvation
    Natalie Pack

    Miss California Natalie Pack looks wistfully off-camera before being hauled away for a cavity search


    Shannon Marketic
    Miss USA 1992 Shannon Marketic lost her looks and was arrested. Coincidence?


    Paris Hilton
    Paris Hilton got arrested in order to get a bit more face time from the press








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