25 Photos of Construction Workers on Tall Bridges

    April 27, 2012 at 5:30 am

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    Today we salute one of the hardest low-wage professions in history: construction workers on tall bridges. Without these bridge construction workers, we’d have to cross bodies of water using nothing but a giant ramp. To illustrate the difficulties involved with being a construction worker for a tall bridge, we found 25 vertigo-inducing pictures of these men and women in action:

    golden gater bridge
    If you’ve ever wondered if this economic crash is as bad as the Great Depression, ask yourself, “am I standing on top of a bridge for minimum wage?”


    Brooklyn Bridge painters
    This photo of painters working on the Brooklyn Bridge makes us wonder if Michaelangelo would’ve beengood at this
    Golden Gate Bridge
    The Golden Gate Bridge provides a great view of both downtown San Francisco and the grim specter ofdeath
    Golden Gate Bridge nets
    Nets prevented Golden Gate workers from falling onto Alcatraz
    memorial bridge

    Memorial Bridge in Delaware was a great job for people who wanted to combine solid work with constant suicide opportunity


    Golden gate bridge
    If you’ve ever wondered if this economic crash is as bad as the Great Depression, ask yourself, “am I standing on top of a bridge for minimum wage, right now?”
    Ambassador Bridge

    On Ambassador Bridge, gusts of wind can turn a worker's open jacket into a kite

    Bay Bridge
    The aging Bay Bridge is always a fun source of peril for workers and drivers, alike
    Mackinac Bridge
    Warning: The Mackinac Bridge has not been tested for Kraken attacks
    Benjamin Franklin Bridge
    Personally, we would wear a tighter fitting hat when working on the Benjamin Franklin bridge
    Bay bridge
    These Bay Bridge workers are measuring how fast their vomit is going when it hits the water
    George Washington Bridge
    We’d be more impressed if all these George Washington Bridge workers were planking
    SF Bay Bridge
    Workers creating a side route on the Bay Bridge. This bridge has been more trouble to the Bay Area than the hippie revolution
    Bay Bridge
    We’re surprised the Bay Bridge ever got constructed, with the workers having to stop and pose for pictures all the time
    Bay Bridge
    These Bay Bridge workers’ only consolation is that they’re not working on the Hoover Dam
    Bay Bridge
    Even though it’s only halfway built, we’re surprised there’s no Bay Bridge traffic
    Hezhang Bridge
    The Chinese Hezhang Bridge might thin the population more than one child laws
    The Tacoma Narrows Bridge
    The Tacoma Narrows Bridge welcomes travelers by warmly failing to collapse
    Haizhhu bridge
    Chinese workers scaled the Haizhu Bridge to protest labor conditions, wisely choosing a spot where they could not be run over by tanks
    Anzhaite long suspension bridge
    Seeing as how no one will ever get this close to that part of the Anzhaite Long-Span Suspension Bridge, we would’ve skipped the touch-up job
    Aizhai bridge
    Chinese officials must keep tight watch on Aizhai Bridge workers, or else they’ll build a bridge to Japan
    Tower Bridge
    We’re pretty sure those are Tower Bridge workers, but what if that’s the pedestrian walkway?
    Bay Bridge
    We know this Bay Bridge worker’s crazy. That doesn’t help us figure out if he’s from Oakland or San Francisco
    Brooklyn Bridge
    This is the Brooklyn Bridge, so there’s a chance that guy up there is getting mugged
    Sydney Harbor Bridge
    Rule number one of being a Sydney Harbor Bridge worker: Don’t make other workers nervous by standing right behind them
    Golden Gate
    Only the Golden Gate would allow people to risk their lives for Gay Pride
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