25 Pictures of Dogs Photobombing

    April 26, 2012 at 5:30 am

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    Dogs photobombing is a paradox, in that it can either be the cutest thing we’ve ever seen or the most repulsive. A recent Global Toronto newscast featured the most adorable brown dog casually videobombing a live newscast. In celebration of the cuteness that is a dog’s face, and the repulsiveness that is all the stuff that comes out of its nether regions, we’ve found 25 pictures of dogs photobombing as hard as they can:

    dog photo bombing the Global News cast

    Every tragic news story needs a dog to pop in to cheer us up

    Obama's dog photo bombing in front of the White House

    Sure, Obama’s dog can run around naked on the White House lawn. But, when we tried it…

    Dog photo bombs cat

    Dogs have launched a massive photobombing campaign in attempts to wrestle the title of “Internet Mascot” from felines

    Dog photo bombs cat on couch

    We wonder how many pictures there are that are just the inside of a dog’s strong jaws

    Dog photo bombs cat sleeping outside

    This is what people deserve for having nothing better to do than snap their cats

    dog photo bombs woman posing poolside

    Sadly, this probably fulfills somebody’s weird fetish

    dog photo bombing 2 women posing from behind

    This dog is the only one with a sense of taste

    dog photo bombing deer trophy shot

    This dog doesn’t really want to hump the deer. it just thinks this is funny

    Dog bombing girl posing naked

    We’re hoping this is a bomb, and that the dog wasn’t supposed to be part of this photo series

    2 dog photo bomb couple hugging at beach

    For a dog, going outside is like one giant key party

    dog photo bombs baby picture

    This dog wants all surveillance equipment disabled before he eats that baby

    dog photo bombs family photo

    We were disappointed not to find a closeup where a dog humps the camera. But not that disappointed, because that would be perverted

    2 dogs photo bomb girl at the beach

    Their position is a little cliche

    2 dogs photo bomb family outdoor portrait

    No one’s ever looking when the saucer flies overhead, except the dogs

    dog photo bombs girl in bikini posing at beach

    Why is she posing by the dogs and the ugly support beam, anyway? Probably because the water is too filled with pee for her to get any closer

    dog photo bombs skier's selfie

    The sad part is that the guy on the right probably has to clean it up

    dog photo bombs father and son photo

    It’s annoying that babies poop as much as dogs. At least babies never hump each other in public

    dog photo bombs smiling baby

    Every dog knows that the head is the tastiest part of a baby

    dog photo bombs girls posing for prom picture

    This is nothing compared to way their prom dates will behave later

    dog photo bombs kids portrait

    The dog is running free because they had to leash the kids together to keep them that still

    dog photo bombs 3 people jumping in park

    We can understand why they don’t want to step on the grass

    dog photo bombs 3 girls in kitchen

    We hope that this dog is not trained to do that

    dog photo bombs car driver

    Sadly, this is the perfect women for thousands of men

    dog photo bombs group shot from above

    The grossest part is that they’re all barefoot

    dog photo bombs  from behind father and son picture

    We suspect this dog is having a good time humping that bush

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