20 Insanely Camoflaged Water Creatures

    April 24, 2012 at 5:30 am

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    Being a water creature that is tasty must be weird. The water creatures who most resemble their environment are the ones who survive. For humans, that would be like being unable to score a date because you look nothing like a lamppost. To illustrate how critical it is that sea creatures stay camouflaged, we found twenty well-hidden examples from the sea:


    hidden octopus

    Do dumb predators ever mistake giant rocks for octopi, and eat them?


    Skate Ray

    hidden skate ray

    Eventually, there will come an animal that enjoys the taste of sand. Then, this ray is doomed.


    Coleman Shrimp

    hiding shrimp

    This shrimp is probably counting on predators to have some sort of seizure when attacking.


    Tasseled Anglerfish

    hiding anglerfish

    This fish is in desperate need of colored contact lenses.


    Leaf Scorpionfish

    hiding scorpionfish

    It must be a hassle for an underwater creature to constantly have to live near a tree.


    Bearded Scorpionfish

    hiding scorpionfishIf fish could name their children, do you think they would all be named “Poison Bad-Tasting Scorpionfish?”


    hiding octopus

    You’d think they’d eventually learn some awesome martial arts with their eight appendages, rather than constantly having to tuck them out of predators’ sight.


    Peacock Flounder

    hiding flounder

    We’re confused as to the name, as peacocks love to be seen. Well, maybe not by predators.


    Sea Urchin

    hidden urchin

    Eventually, these water creatures will evolve to perfectly resemble discarded beer cans.


    Cowry Snail

    hidden snail

    Not every fish could accessorize with a bright feather boa, yet still remain inconspicuous.



    hiding needlefish

    We wonder if, in a pinch, this water creature could dart through a fish’s digestive system and emerge alive out the other end.


    Crocodile fish

    hidden croc fish

    Hide-and-seek must be boring for these camouflaged fish, because they are always hiding on the sea floor.



    hidden octopus

    What if the spaceship in The Abyss was really a giant octopus? Eight times the terror, that’s what.


    Painted Frogfish

    hiding frogfish

    This is one of those hyper fish, where if their environment is dull they get anxious.


    Ghost Pipefish

    hidden pipefish

    What happens when an underwater herbivore accidentally chows down on this camouflaged fish?


    Day Octopus

    hiding day octopus

    We’re rooting that, eventually, this octopus learns to just pick a rock up and take it with them at all times.


    Coral Reef Fish

    Hiding coral fish

    Rocks are the fashion moguls of the aquatic world, everyone else is always copying their style.



    hiding hawkfish

    We’re not sure why a fish would be named after a bird, much less a ridiculous looking fish being named after a bird known for keen eyesight.


    Banded Guitarfish

    hiding guitarfish

    We would’ve called it “hide in the sand fish,” but this illustrates how much more exciting scientists are than us.


    Speckled Sanddab

    hiding sanddabIf you ever want to hide from a shark, roll around on the sea bed until silt is stuck all over your skin.

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