25 Grannies with Guns

    April 17, 2012 at 11:11 am

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    Grandmas are awesome. They’re old and funny and they don’t have to follow any rules because they can just say they’re too old to understand. They can pretend to be senial any time they want and it’s perfectly acceptable. They can also say anything they want to anyone at anytime, no matter how inappropriate it is, because they always have the excuse of “they’re just really old and crazy and don’t pay any attention to them”. Some grandmas are so awesome that they even take pictures of themselves holding guns, which just makes them look even more crazy and more awesome. Here are 25 of those old ladies: grandmas with guns.

    1. Fookin Funny says:

      Haha, This is such a good idea. So many bad ass grandmas!

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