Toilet Paper Sale in Denmark

    March 9, 2012 at 4:24 am

    community nbcMark your calendars! Community returns to NBC’s Thursday night line-up on March 15! If you haven’t been watching Community, then now is a really bad time to start. After a season and a half, NBC put the show on hiatus. Now, Community is returning to finish up the second half of their second season, and then the show is done for good. Community is already a crazy, wacky, overtly self-referential show, and the last hurrah of Community is probably going to be the craziest few weeks of television anyone has ever seen. Then again, if you’re already a Community fan like I am, then you’re ecstatic to see the exciting conclusion of the weirdest show that’s ever been on network television. Here’s a taste of what’s coming when Community returns to NBC Thursday nights, starting March 15:


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