Fun Facts About Ramen

    February 28, 2012 at 5:39 am

    Ramen: we’ve all eaten it, and many of us have survived on it for months at a time. Ramen is probably the cheapest meal you can buy, and it might surprise you that it’s healthier than many other more expensive “cheap meal” alternatives. This infographic contains a wealth of information, ranging from the origins of Instant Ramen to some cheap, healthy Ramen recipes that you can make at home. Ramen is not just for starving college students anymore. Everyone can enjoy the delicious simplicity of noodles, water, and a mysterious spice packet, so dig through your couch cushions, find 30 cents, and head down to the grocery store for some Ramen! In the meantime, check out these fun facts about Ramen, courtesy of

    fun facts about ramen infographic(via



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