The First Cat Video Ever Made

    February 16, 2012 at 4:18 am

    cats boxing thomas edison 1894Hey, Internet! I heard you like cat videos. This is the first cat video ever made. It was filmed by Thomas Edison in 1894 and, as you’ll soon see, it features two cats wearing boxing gloves and reluctantly fighting one another in a tiny boxing ring. You might be thinking “that Thomas Edison fellow seems like a bit of an a$$hole”, but you’re wrong. He wasn’t a bit of an a$$hole, he was a HUGE a$$hole. In fact, torturing cats was one of the better things he did to demonstrate his revolutionary technologies. He also electrocuted an elephant to death in an attempt to discredit his rivals and frequently fired poor workers just to show how much of an a$$hole he could be. I guess you have to cut him a break for single-handedly revolutionizing the modern world, but that doesn’t mean he was a decent person. Here’s the very first cat video ever made, filmed by Thomas Edison in 1894:


    1. YoMomma says:

      Know who else is an HUGE a$$hole? Justin Thomas. Fact.

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