North Korea does ‘Take on Me’ on Accordions

    February 6, 2012 at 4:27 am

    north korea take on meThere isn’t a lot of video footage coming out of North Korea these days, which makes this video that much sweeter. This is a video of a North Korean accordion quintet playing A-Ha’s classic 80’s pop hit “Take on Me” that somehow found it’s way out of the country and onto the internet. Most of the video we see from North Korea is staged government videos of people crying uncontrollably or footage of people marching, so this accordion video is a welcome breath of fresh air, and it proves an important point: you can separate people with militarized borders, complete communications blackouts, and ironfisted dictatorships, but you can never keep people from coming together over their love of accordions and 80’s pop music. Check out the video:


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