Top 10 Video Game Currencies

    January 30, 2012 at 5:44 am

    You know what they say: “Mo money, mo problems”. But in video games BIG, Ma$e and Diddy (P, not Kong) would be wrong. Whether you collect them for points or to buy mid level upgrade, currencies make the video game world go ‘round. Here are the best video game currencies ever created:


    Fantasy Zone

    So many video games use gold as money, but the first one that popped into my mind for some reason is Fantasy Zone. Something about customizing and tricking out your Opa-Opa (that’s the name of the ship) as a kid got me addicted to grabbing as much gold as I could. Gold is a classic currency for a classic side-scrolling game like Fantasy Zone.


    Sonic the Hedgehog Series

    Okay, so you didn’t use them to buy anything, but no one could resist these shiny little rings strewn all about the world of Sonic the Hedgehog. Everyone who has played a Sonic game has had that feeling of blazing through a level at super speed, passing a bunch of rings and had that urge to slow down thinking, “Maaaaaaan. Ugh, fine”.   It’s hard to resist that bling.  And is there any more frustrating mental image that watching all those rings fly out of Sonic when he gets hit?


    Super Mario Bros. Series

    Here is another example of money not being used for purchases. Coins in the Mario series are useful because collecting a hundred coins does equal one 1-Up. Not too mention it’s a great feeling to drop down a pipe or walk through a door only to find out that you’re in a room full of coins. I can here that “1-Up ding” sound in my head right now.


    Off-Road Series

    Dollars have been used for currency in countless video games, but I chose Super Off-Road because of the item equip selection screen. In between races, you could use dollars collected in races to upgrade your vehicle. Smart players gradually added top speed, acceleration and shocks stats. I just blew $200,000 on nitro boosters to zoom around the track. Take that, Ivan “Ironman” Stewart!


    The Sims

    When a husband and wife Sims couple babble gibberish at each other at the dining room table, it’s probably about the lack of Simoleans in the household. Simoleans are used in Sims games to buy everything from chairs to houses. How do you purchase four walls and some fireworks for a Sim when you want to watch him set his room on fire and burn to death? Simoleans, of course. Money solves everything!


    Kingdom Hearts Series

    Nothing like an awesome Winnie the Pooh pun to make a top 10 list complete. Munny is the money in the form of little colored balls that you scoop up in the Kingdom Hearts series of video games. With various sizes (bigger being worth more), every Heartless you hack and slash drops Munny for you to use in the shops scattered about the Kingdom Hearts universe.  Just watch out for those banana peels. Slip on those and you’ll be saying, “Oh, bother”.


    Fallout Series

    caps falloutA bottlecap is an easy thing to miss. You twist them off a soda, toss them away, and forget about them. How were you supposed to know that in the post-apocalyptic landscape of the Fallout series, they would be prized commodities? Whether it’s a Nuka Cola, a Sunset Sarsaparilla or rare and highly collectable Blue Star Sunset Sarsaparilla bottle cap, you feel compelled to loot every empty room to find them all. And don’t forget to gamble them on some hands of Caravan!


    Legend of Zelda

    No matter if you find them by smashing a pot or slashing a shrub, Rupees are an important part of the Legend of Zelda series and probably the most iconic currency in Video Games. The monetary value varies between the different games, but in Wind Waker and Twilight Princess it goes in this order: Green (1), Blue (5), Yellow (10), Red (20), Purple (50), Orange (100), Silver (200). The grand daddy of them all is the Huge Gold rupee that is worth 200 or 300 depending on the game. Whether its to buy a hook-shot, a bunch of bombs and arrows, or just a bottle to put a fish in, rupees are definitely great to have.


    Final Fantasy Series

    You almost never see them in-game, but gil is the currency that is traded for goods and services in the Final Fantasy world. They look like coins of different colors and shapes but they hide a much more devious nature. Gil is high up on my list because it is the only money on this list that can be used as a weapon. The “Gil Toss” ability does a lot of damage, with the obvious drawback being that you lose gil when you throw it at an enemy.


    Animal Crossing

    Animal crossing is a game that thrives on buying collectables for your little avatars, and bells are the money to do said buying. Bells are actually coins, but they appear as little brown sacks in the game. Wrap your head around that one. You could also take your chances and bury some bells in hopes of growing a bell tree! It almost never works but when it does, you will literally have money growing on a tree. Take that, stingy parents who love to chime in with common sayings about frugality!


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