Paul Hunt, the Gymnastics Comedian

    January 30, 2012 at 4:24 am

    Paul Hunt is an American gymnastics coach who’s been training girls’ gymnastics teams for over 30 years. Some time in the 80’s, Paul realized that a dude dressing up as a girl and screwing up gymnastics routines is hilarious, so he started performing gymnastics comedy at competitions. Aside from being a really incredible gymnast, Paul was incredibly entertaining and truly hilarious. Paul always wears a pink leotard with a tutu, and often sports a moustache while doing his routines. I’m not sure if he’s performed in some time (he must be getting pretty old by now), but there are plenty of Youtube videos featuring Paul’s hilarious antics and truly remarkable gymnastics ability. Here’s a video from 1980 of Paul on the Parallel Bars.


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