How the Proposed SOPA Bill Could Affect You

    January 18, 2012 at 5:46 am

    You may have noticed that some of your favorite websites are blacked out today in order to draw attention to the SOPA Bill that’s currently circulating through Congress. The SOPA Bill is supposed to be fighting online piracy, but what it’s really doing is blowing up the entire internet. Under the proposed law, a site that’s flagged for any potentially pirated content can (and will) be shut down, and sites that host user-generated content are responsible for everything on their servers. That means Youtube, Google, Yahoo, Facebook, Twitter—pretty much every good site on the internet—is at risk. The thing that makes the internet amazing is that people can share things with one another, and the SOPA Bill will seriously hinder that ability.Here’s an infographic that outlines the proposed SOPA bill in detail and check out for more info:

    SOPA infographic

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