The Most Amazing Unicycle Trick Ever

    January 11, 2012 at 4:27 am

    unicycleYou’ve probably seen unicycle trick videos before and been like, “meh”. But this is different. This unicycle trick video is special for a few reasons: 1) it features a hot Asian chick. 2) It happened at an Ohio St. Buckeyes basketball game. 3) It’s the most amazing unicycle trick you’ll ever see in your entire life. At the beginning, you’ll see this unicycle babe balancing bowls on her head, and then doing the unicycle one-footed while balancing more bowls on her foot. That’s not even the amazing part, though. Wait until the end to have the unicycle-loving portion of your brain completely blown to bits:


    1. Jim Davidson says:

      You are linking to a copy of the original. I uploaded the original video 2 years ago. It just recently got popular, so some people are ripping it off. Please link to the original video here:

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