Christians Make Everything Boring

    January 10, 2012 at 4:32 am

    christiansHey, Christians! It’s ironic that Jesus had a reputation for healing crippled people, because every time you guys touch anything you instantly make it lame. I have nothing against Christians, or any religion for that matter. If you’re a good person who doesn’t want to kill other people just because they believe in a different myth than you do, then I think you’re a-okay. But Christians: you gotta stop changing the lyrics to popular songs to make them about Jesus. If you really like a song that contains lewd language and profanity, then guess what? You like a dirty song. Deal with it. Repent, and do whatever you do to apologize to God for listening to profane music. Don’t try to change the words to that dirty song to be about God and Jesus. You’ve done that about a thousand times and it sucks every single time. I understand that you’re trying to make Christianity seem cool, but this is NOT the way to do it. Work on finding some Christians with real musical talent who can make a name for your religion in popular culture. In the meantime, please stop making songs and videos like this:


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