10 Most Surprising Video Game Moments

    January 4, 2012 at 5:43 am

    call of duty airportThere’s nothing better than unwrapping a present on Christmas Day or Hannukah night (x8) an getting a gift you weren’t expecting. What a wonderful surprise! Sometimes they are good, happy surprises and other times they are sad, “Oh, you got me…this” surprises. Either way they make you react. In honor of that glorious feeling of fanciful shock, here are the Top Ten Surprises in Video Game History. WARNING: HUGE SPOILERS AHEAD

    Psycho Mantis Fight

    from Metal Gear Solid 2

    A telepathic boss who could predict your every move and counter them instantly was frustrating more than surprising. But having to switch your controller from the first player controller slot to the second player controller slot to defeat him was an unexpected surprise. If you had other Konami games saved on your memory card, he would even ask you if you enjoyed playing those the specific games! What a Chatty-Cathy!

    WOW, these games suck!

    as in ET, Superman 64, etc.

    Disappointing games are nothing new. In our lifetimes, very few thing have lived up to their hype. But these games suck and they sucked WAY beyond anything that anyone could have expected. I chose E.T. on Atari 2600 because it was a beloved movie that was turned into an unplayable, nonsensical mess that could only be taken care by burying the evidence in an unmarked grave in New Mexico and I chose Superman 64 because it seemed as if we were finally going to get a Superman game where you could fly around an open world only to be forced to go through rings upon rings for no reason.

    I Can Do ANYTHING!?

    from GTA IV

    The surprise of the size and scope of Grand Theft Auto IV once you strayed from the main missions and realized that you could do whatever you wanted in Liberty City, was a very “wow” moment. You could choose to hop in a taxi and play a slowed down version of “Crazy Taxi”. You could go on a rampage and shoot up every car that passes by until the cops gun you down. You could even hop in a ambulance and go on missions to take injured people to the hospital and save their life. The amount of choices of what to do when you weren’t doing what you were supposed to do certainly was a welcome surprise.

    The Death of Aeris

    Final Fantasy VII

    Woah! I did not see that coming. It certainly is a surprising moment when one of video games’ most beloved franchises has one of its most beloved characters get killed by one of its most despised villains. Cloud carrying her body and dropping her into the lake in the Forgotten City still replays in the mind of Final Fantasy fans everywhere.

    The Second Quest

    Legend of Zelda

    The Legend of Zelda was a huge game that took some time and dedication to finish. But after defeating Ganon, after the celebration of finding Zelda, after all of the credits you find out… There’s ANOTHER QUEST!?!? You have to go through the whole game again!? Hellz yeah! That’s just the kind of surprise gamers love to hate and hate to love!

    The Orange Princess

    Castle Crashers

    So you’ve beaten the whole game. You’ve hacked and slashed through countless enemies and had a blast. You’ve finally gotten to the princess that you’ve been searching for the entire game. You lean in for the kiss and… Um… Just watch…

    Kratos Stabs Himself

    God of War 3

    After defeating Zeus and finding out that the most powerful weapon of all is hope, Kratos is challenged by Athena to give her the power. Not wanting another God to have power over man, he decides to do what is best for all humanity by destroying Ath… Wait, nope he stabs himself. Having the player hit L2 and R2 and not knowing what was going to happen next was a thrill and when you saw him shove that giant sword into his stomach it made you cry out an audible “no way!”

    Samus Is A Girl!?


    Anyone who has ever read a video game list probably saw this one coming but it is absolutely deserving of a spot. The revalation that one of the gaming universe’s biggest bad asses was actually a female left almost every gamer in shock. Not because they were upset, but because the idea of a female protagonist that didn’t eat fruit, pretzels or ghosts just never occurred to them.

    Andrew Ryan’s Office


    A man chooses, a slave obeys. When you found out that “Would you kindly” is a mind control trigger phrase and you really haven’t had any control over your actions in Bioshock after all, your brains go kablooey. Andrew Ryan’s “murder” is one of those surprising moments that make you think that video game writing has come a long way and can still go to greater heights. Now “Would you kindly” continue reading the list?

    No Russian

    Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2

    Some people thought it was innovative. Some people thought it was in poor taste. Some people even decided to skip the whole mission (which was given as an option). Whatever you thought about the mission, you had to be surprised by it even being in the game. The idea of a developer basically saying, “Hey, go kill a bunch of American civilians in an airport” is pretty shocking. Also, why wouldn’t it let you sprint through the airport? That always bugged me.

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