Idiot Denies Evolution Using Peanut Butter

    December 23, 2011 at 4:30 am

    peanut butter evolutionThis is Chuck Missler. He’s an engineer, an author, and an idiot. Chuck has made a healthy living from denying the theory of evolution by saying that, if evolution was real, then we should find life when we open up a jar of peanut butter. Of course, any sensible person knows that a jar of peanut butter doesn’t contain all of the elements needed for life to develop, or even sustain itself, but the stupid idiots that believe Chuck’s nonsense don’t know that. All they know is “Chuck said ‘peanut butter’! I know what that is! I like that Chuck guy.” Check out this old video of Chuck trying to explain how a lifeless jar of peanut butter disproves the scientifically accepted theory of evolution, and how he’s smarter than every well-trained scientist on Earth.


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