5 Non-Christmas Things To Do on Christmas Day

    December 20, 2011 at 5:45 am

    Regardless of what conservative politicians want to believe, not everybody celebrates Christmas during this holiday season. So while most people will be opening presents and basking in their holiday haul, there will be plenty of people looking for something to do on Christmas Day when most places are closed. Here are five activities for people who don’t celebrate Christmas:

    Go to the Movie Theater

    movie theaterMovie theaters are open on Christmas Day and sometimes they even have movies premiering that day. The lack of crowds make for no lines and grabbing the best seats in the house. Also, there will most likely be a less than full crew working that day, making sneaking into an extra movie or two no problem at all.

    Go to a Chinese Food Restaurant

    fu king restaurantThese places never close! It’s no secret Chinese food is a popular choice during these times. This has a two fold upside for those looking for something to do. Firstly: since Chinese Restaurants never close, the employees are used to working all the the time. So as opposed to anywhere else open on Christmas, the Chinese restaurant employees won’t be counting the seconds until closing time. The second upside is: since it is a popular Christmas day destination, there is a good chance you will be surrounded by a whole bunch of other people looking for something to do, so there is great potential for some teaming up with strangers for an adventure, which is usually a major plot point of Christmas movies and it always works out well.

    Clean Something

    hoarderWe all have a closet or garage or junk drawer that is begging to be cleaned up. Why not use the day where almost nothing is open as your day to clean up that shameful area that taunts you every time you walk past it and forces you to cover it up when guests are over?  There is literally nothing else to distract you, unless you really go out of your way to finally see what this “A Christmas Story” whoopla is all about.

    Drag Race

    drag raceThe roads are clear. There are hardly any cops around. What else do you need to know?

    Celebrate Christmas

    christmas dayBe honest, you have always wanted to do it anyway. Just bite the bullet, buy a tree, a turkey, and some mistletoe and just fall head first into probably the greatest holiday ever invented. If you are hesitant because of religious reasons, don’t worry, there is hardly anything resembling religion in what most people do for Christmas these days. If you can see your way to avoided a christian church service, Christmas is gonna feel a lot more like Thanksgiving with better prizes than anything religious.



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