5 Christmas Gifts to Give During a Recession

    December 14, 2011 at 5:50 am

    We all know the tough times we are living in these days. There is a good chance you are out of work or in a terrible, underpaid job that does not leave you much left over cash to take care of all those people you want to buy gifts for this holiday season. Don’t worry: there’s hope! The first step is to managing the holidays on a budget is to rule out anything you really want to get the people you care about, because that stuff is out of your budget. The next step is to get creative about what you count as “gifts”. Here are some fine suggestions for recession era holiday gifts:

    $0 Balance Gift Cards

    gcardsThis is the perfect gift for those people you have to get a gift for but don’t really see everyday (i.e. cousins). Just get a bunch of gift cards from any place that is willing to give away gift cards. If they ask, tell them you are not interested in activating it, you just like the design or you collect them, or you are going to give it to your kid that you just made up. Now, take your unactivated gift card and fill out the back with the recipients name and the amount of money you probably would have given them. Now just give the gift like you normally would, because by the time they find out the card doesn’t actually have any money, you are nowhere to be found. If they call you on it, you can blame the “damn kid/immigrant/woman behind the counter must have screwed it up”. Mission accomplished. Just don’t try to pull this two years in a row, because you will definitely get called on it the second time.


    alcoholChances are if you are down on your luck, so are the people you spend your time with. Nothing helps with the crippling depression of your hardships like drinking alcohol. That is why alcohol is the perfect gift: not only will the person you are giving it to appreciate the escape from their miserable life, but chances are they will share their prize with you, and then you both can drown those sorrows together! Also, it doesn’t matter what kind of booze you get as the gift because you’re all broke so you will probably drink anything.

    Any kind of weapon

    Look, it doesn’t seem like the economy will be getting better anytime soon. If that is the case, there is a chance things could be getting worse. If/when things get worse, people are going to start getting pretty desperate, and having protection will be essential. This weapon of your choice will provide more than just safety for your friends and family, because with any good weapon comes the added bonus of playing with it! Until things go south and you need it to keep your canned food and water supply safe, a weapon is a fantastic way to pass the time and keep yourself entertained for little to no cost. Keep this factor in mind when deciding what kind of weapon to get. For instance, any kind of gun is infinitely more enjoyable than a knife or spear, but also more expensive in the long run. Food for thought, and speaking of food…


    Anybody struggling with cash flow will always appreciate a free meal, that is just a fact. The gift of food also has a similar side effect to alcohol, in that the person getting the gift will probably insist on sharing it with you, so that is a win-win for you. Also, our poor people tastes are probably so deprived that it would not require a five star type meal to satisfy, so this gift won’t be breaking your bank either. Plus, all this cooking could open be a door-opening opportunity in the way of a new career path. The world is always going to need someone to feed the rest of us hamburgers and pizza and stuff.

    Xbox 360

    Yeah, this maybe be super expensive, but it is too awesome not to have. Just skip a few meals and heating bills, it’s totally worth it! It’s all about priorities.



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