The Best Video Game Ice Levels

    December 12, 2011 at 5:47 am

    It’s the level you dread in every video game you ever play. It’s the video game level that you love to hate. If you’re playing a 2-D platformer game, you know this level is coming…it’s the Ice Level. Slippery, confusing and frustrating are all good words to describe most video game ice levels. They weren’t the hardest levels in their games, but they weren’t fun either. In the spirit of the season, here are… The Top 10 Ice Levels in Video Games.


    The Snow Fields Level

    This snow fields level of Contra wasn’t very difficult. It had enemies behind gun turrets and the standard Contra enemy fare. In fact, with the spread shot, the mini-boss at the end was even pretty easy. The annoying thing about this level wasn’t the weather. It was those damn grenade charges that kept flying out towards you from the trees. Stupid grenades pissed me off so much. Stupid grenades.

    The Star Wars series

    The Planet Hoth Level

    Everyone’s favorite Star Wars movie is Empire Strikes Back, which begins on the frozen planet of Hoth.  As luck would have it, guess which snow/ice level is featured in almost ever Star Wars video game ever made? The Hoth Level has been seen in video game form on everything from Atari 2600 to XBOX, but some of Hoth’s SW series highlights include Luke riding atop a Taun-Taun in Super Star Wars: Empire Strikes Back and wrastlin’ up some AT-ATs in Star Wars Trilogy Arcade game.


    The Himalayas Level

    Several things made the Himalayas level from Ducktales on NES a chore: the falling icicles weren’t too bad. Jumping snow bunnies and mountain goats was pretty easy to deal with. But remember that cane you love bouncing around on in all the other levels of the game? Well, in the Himalayas, it gets you stuck in the snow. This Ice Level took away most players’ favorite and easiest maneuver, ratcheting up the difficulty and making the quest for Lost Crown of Genghis Khan quite a challenge.

    Mario Kart 64

    Sherbert Land

    Everybody loves cute lil penguins. Not everybody loves trying to make a 90 degree turn in a go-kart on ice. Sherbert Land was a fun level of Mario Kart 64 with secret passages and plenty of replay value. Just try and keep your kart away from that slippery ledge.

    Sonic 3

    The Ice Cap Zone

    Sonic is already blisteringly fast. So when you put him on ice, he seems even faster. This level has it all; mini-bosses, ice sickle spikes and plenty of springs to keep you moving. Oh and did I forget to mention that the level starts with Sonic on a snowboard!? Way radical, dudes! Give me a break. Sonic 3 game came out in 1994. The “radical” line would have played really well in 1994… Just, never mind…

    Mega Man

    Ice Man Stage

    The Ice Man Stage in Megaman.  It’s a hard stage in a hard game. Hooray! Nothing makes gamers want to smash their controller against the wall more than disappearing blocks, flying platforms that shoot at you, and a beginning section that is underwater. Check please!

    Super Mario Bros. 3

    World 6

    Personally, I used the two warp whistles to skip over World 6 almost every time I played Super Mario Bros. 3 but I’ve been told that it was a treacherous, slippery world to try and play through…or you can just skip it every single time. Your choice.

    Majora’s Mask


    Snowhead was a great place because of the experiences. The temple was fun and taxing. Playing as a Goron was good ol’ fashioned silly Zelda fun. However the visuals of the ice and snow upon first viewing was some of the most impressive graphics that the N64 ever offered to a gamer.

    Super Mario 64

    Cool Cool Mountain

    Everybody loves cute lil penguins… again! Most people enjoyed triple jump fly around when playing Super Mario 64. I always preferred sliding around, jumping down a chimney and challenging the giant penguin inside to a race. Cool, Cool Mountain is full of clever puzzles and tricky controls that make the level an enjoyable experience.

    Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2


    What a way to start off a game! Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 has a ton of impressive set pieces, but the game starts off with one of the coolest openings ever. Your scaling a icy mountain step by step. Suddenly you lose your grip and you begin to fall.  You’re grasped by one of your comrades just in the nick of time and as the POV turns to look down,  you catch a glimpse of the fall you would have taken. That view and the rest of the first mission let you know that you were in store for one hell of a game.

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