Finally: A Serious Scientology Rap Video

    November 22, 2011 at 4:26 am

    scientology rap videoScientology has been trying for decades to convince people that it’s not just a scam religion that preys on the rich and tries to get people’s money (which it is), and while they’ve had great success so far, they’ve consistently failed to reach the ever-elusive rich hip-hop fan demographic. Fortunately, they’ve put their brilliant brainwashed minds together to come up with an excellent solution: a completely serious Scientology rap video. The meat of the video features a guy (who may or may not be a hired rapper) talking about how Scientology is still around, and they consider that a great success. It never mentions how you have to be rich to become a scientologist, and then you have to give a LOT of your money to the church so that they can brainwash you into thinking that they’re “cleansing” you by having you reveal your darkest secrets to them so that they can blackmail you later if you ever decide to stop giving money to them. At any rate, RAP IS DEAD. Check it out:


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